27 April, 2011

Switzerland Fundraiser!

Aloha to all of my family and friends, and welcome to my new blog! 

 As many of you may already know, I am making a HUGE move to Geneva, Switzerland on May 17th of this year (that's only 3 weeks away)! This will be my main means of keeping all of my family and friends up-to-date with all my Swiss adventures!

In June, I will be starting up French courses so that I may pass the French Language Examination required to gain entrance into the University of Geneva. The University of Geneva has a reputation as being a world capital for sustainable development, and is known for its eco-consciousness and environmentally protective endeavors, which makes it an ideal place to complete my BA in Environmental Science.

I have been lucky enough to be offered a job as a live-in nanny for a wonderful Swiss family that lives just outside of the city. Unfortunately though, I won't be starting until September, so all living and educational expenses for the summer have to be obtained before my arrival, as foreigners cannot hold a "real" job. Though I have saved up quite a bit already, I'm asking for the help of my family and friends to raise just a bit more for my move and education expenses. If you want to help me out, follow the simple instructions below!

If you use PayPal, you may donate by signing into your account at paypal. Click on the "SEND MONEY" tab. You will be taken to a screen where you can enter my email address: NFRAZIER@HAWAII.EDU along with the donation amount. Be sure to select "gift" under the "personal" tab for the purpose of the transaction. 
If you do not have a PayPal account and would like to donate,  please send me an email at NFRAZIER@HAWAII.EDU In the subject line please write "Donation" and in the body of the email the amount you wish to donate plus any personal message you'd like as well. I will then send you a link via Paypal requesting the transaction. 
All donations will be going directly to my educational fund are greatly appreciated! I can't tell you how much it helps! Mahalo nui loa from Hawaii (for now!).

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